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May 24, 2021

WTTC Global Economic Impact Infographic May 2021

A 2-page infographic providing the assessment of WTTC regarding global tourism fortunes in 2020. As might be expected data is firmly in negative territory with a halving in the relative importance of travel and tourism to global GDP and 62 million fewer travel and tourism jobs. WTTC is gradually producing updated infographics for nations around the world detailing key travel and tourism metrics for 2020.
July 2, 2020

Eurostat tourism industries analysis

A useful, if at times somewhat technical, article that describes the number of ‘tourism industry’ enterprises and number of persons employed by these enterprises in the EU27 countries as of 2017. Detailed tables are presented, including those setting out figures for individual EU27 Member States. The article highlights that almost 12 million people were employed in ‘tourism industries’, that’s one-in-five of all those working in the service sector.