Destinations Exchange Europe 2024

Day 2 Conference


Operator and Destination Needs: Aligning interests

  • Tickets & Attractions
  • Hotels & Accommodation
  • Trains & Rail

Insight Session | European Destination Travel Patterns

Peer-to-Peer Conversations  |  Streams: Visit, Sleep, Move, Do

Tourism’s acceptance and integration in destination strategy

Managing a Successful Visitor Economy


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Peer-to-Peer Conversations

During the peer-to-peer conversations, we asked delegates to submit their one or two word examples of good ideas and things that work well in each of our streams of Visit, Sleep, Move and Do, to give an industry view of people and places at the forefront of best practice. You can view the results below. The more times a word is mentioned, the bigger it appears on the image.


With regard to examples of destinations leading the way in setting a good example, Switzerland is the standout front runner. It is followed by Germany and Ireland, with Austria, Finland, Slovenia and Scotland not far behind. In terms of individual destinations, Madrid was mentioned most often, and the Loire Valley a close second.


Looking at the accommodation sector, we see a more diffuse picture, with encouragingly many examples of good practice. Marriott was the most-mentioned hotel brand, with AirBnb close behind. In terms of specific innovations, capsule hotels was the most-cited example.


When it comes to new routes and sustainable uses of transport, the return of night rail journeys with increased capacity was mentioned most often. Cheaper flights and the use of bicycles in-destinations were also cited. In terms of individual brands, carpooling marketplace BlaBlaCar was  referred to the most often.


Turning to examples of attractions and experiences doing well with access, new product and effective distribution, London was very highly regarded for its free of charge museums and Abba Voyage attraction. City cards and wine tasting were the next most mentioned, with a range of individual attractions also mentioned after that.