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Please contact us if you are interested in bulk purchasing Tour Guide IDs for some or all of your guides.

Please note: Current 2023 Tour Guide ID cards will be valid until 31 March 2024

What is an ETOA Tour Guide ID?

ETOA Tour Guide IDs are issued to tour guides contracted by ETOA members. Over 2,500 cards were issued in 2019 and demand has now started to recover strongly to reflect the increasingly strong recovery of European tour operations since the pandemic. They are increasingly becoming a ‘must have’ item for tour guides and tour operators alike. 

In 2023, we offer digital Tour Guide ID cards as standard with the option to upgrade to a physical card as well for those who wish to.

2023/24 is the first season in which both digital and physical Tour Guide ID cards are available. This follows significant research and development by ETOA and provides both guides and tour operators with a much-enhanced product. This includes facial recognition technology to validate the identity of the card holder along with significantly enhanced card delivery and management through our digital service

digital ETOA TGID card 2023

Tour Guide ID card Benefits

For Tour Guides

Professional recognition. An ETOA Tour Guide ID confirms your status as a professional tour guide working for a recognised tour operator or other intermediary which is liable for the services they contract. 

Discounted or free access. The card can give you free or discounted access to a range of museums, attractions and other tourism suppliers across Europe. While there are no formal agreements, experience shows that many individuals have found the card useful in this respect. 

Access to legal support in Italy. If you are issued with a penalty notice for guiding, ETOA can connect your company to a local lawyer for advice, free of charge.*

For ETOA Members

Set yourself apart from other tour operators. ETOA Tour Guide IDs are only available to individuals contracted by ETOA members. 

Support learning and professional development. Give your tour guides more opportunities to explore, enjoy and learn about destinations and attractions throughout Europe by using their ETOA TGID to access free or reduced rate entrance to visitor attractions and other tourism services. 

Product Research & Diversification. Support product diversification through building on the enhanced product insight of your guides. 

Support & Advice. Access practical information to help you and your tour guides operate legally across Europe.

Access to legal support in Italy. If one of your contracted tour guide is issued with a penalty notice for guiding, ETOA can connect you to a local lawyer for initial advice free of charge and, if applicable, support in appealing the notice.*

What does it cost?

For 2023/24 we are offering a Digital Tour Guide ID as standard, which you can save straight to your phone or portable device. Physical cards are also available.

  • ETOA Affiliate Buyer Members: EUR 120 (+VAT)
  • ETOA Full Members: EUR 80 (+VAT)
  • Physical cards are available at an extra charge of EUR 25 (+VAT)

Discounts are available for tour operators ordering more than 50 cards for their tour guides. Please contact for more information. 

All cards purchased after 01 January 2023 are valid through to 31 March 2024. 

How does it work?

Applying for a card is quick and easy. Tour guides working for paid-up ETOA members can apply for their ETOA Tour Guide ID card by following this link

For 2023/24, we are also introducing new photo ID verification to improve the security of the card. This means you will also be asked to upload a government approved photo ID document to confirm your identity along with a photo to our secure Tour Guide ID portal.

You will also need to confirm the ETOA member you are working for in 2023 and we will verify your status with them. 

Once we have all your information, you will then be asked to pay for your Tour Guide ID Card on the ETOA website. Delivery of your digital card to your mobile device will be completed within 24 hours of payment, and often much faster. Physical Tour Guide ID cards will be mailed to your nominated tour operator. 

If you work for an ETOA tour operator and would like to order one or more Tour Guide ID cards on behalf of your tour guides, then please contact and we will be pleased to help you process your application(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

You can only apply for our Tour Guide ID card if the company you work for is a paid-up ETOA member. You can check if the company is a member here. If the company you work for is a paid-up ETOA member but does not appear on the list in the application form, please contact

You can apply if you provide your services for a company who is a paid-up ETOA member. Remember, if you order a physical card it will be sent directly to their office.

Yes, you can apply if you are providing services for a paid-up ETOA member. ETOA’s definition of a Tour Guide is that they may work with the same group over a period of days on a closed-circuit tour or/and on a specialist walking tour. Note that the ETOA Tour Guide ID card is NOT evidence of a qualification, thus it is neither a licence nor a certificate. It does not affect the holder’s rights to provide services. If you are providing services in countries where guiding is regulated, you will need to comply with the local regulation.

Your digital card will generally be delivered to your chosen mobile device within 24 hours of approval, often much faster.

If you have opted to also receive a physical card then we aim to post the card via Royal Mail within 14 days from order date. Depending on the delivery country, the card may be held up in customs or delayed due to local service, which is out of our control. Cards are sent directly to the company address.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to send Tour Guide ID cards to your personal address unless specifically authorised by your tour operator. The address the card will be sent to appears in the field below the Tour Operator name in the application form when the Tour Operator is chosen. If you believe this address is incorrect, please contact before you apply for the card.

The Tour Guide ID cards are charged in EURO currency. Unfortunately, the invoice cannot be changed to other currencies.

If you have received the card and the information provided in the application form was incorrect, ETOA serves the right to charge an additional €15 +VAT fee to re-issue the card. If the error was made by ETOA, we apologise and will fast-track a new digital and/or physical card free of charge.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all information provided in the application form is correct. If you think you may have made a mistake on the form, please contact as soon as possible.

Your digital tour guide ID can be downloaded to a new device in the same way as your original digital tour guide ID and using the same login credentials.

If you have lost your physical Tour Guide ID card valid for the current season, please contact You will need to provide your full name and date of birth and we will reprint the card for a fee of €15+VAT. Please note that we are only able to process the reprint when the invoice has been paid in full.

Yes, it is. If you work for a paid-up ETOA member and would like to apply for more than 10 cards, please contact

Terms & Conditions


  • Cards are only available to tour guides contracted by a paid-up ETOA member for the year in which the card is being applied for;
  • The ETOA ID card is neither a licence nor proof of qualification and should not be represented as such;
  • ETOA reserves the right to refuse applications at its sole discretion;
  • ETOA reserves the right to cancel Tour Guide ID cards in the event of misuse.

Access to legal support in Italy


*This benefit is only applicable if the Tour Guide is based in EU, outside of Italy.

The local law enforcement authorities (Polizia, Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri, Polizia Municipale, Polizia Provinciale) may approach and check if Tour Guides have the correct documentation to lead groups.

To avoid a fine the EU Tour Guide must be able to provide documentary evidence that the Dichiarazione Preventiva has been sent within the said timeframe.

In case the Tour Guide receives a fine despite having sent the Dichiarazione Preventiva, the Tour Guide can oppose it within 30 days (counting from the day the fine has been inflicted/notified). The fine can only be opposed if it has not been paid.

If the Tour Guide receives a fine, the below steps should be followed:

  • The law enforcement authorities must release a copy of the fine to the Tour Guide, otherwise it will be impossible to oppose it.
  • The Tour Guide must immediately send their Tour Operator a readable copy of the fine along with a short report, which should include whether the Tour Guide did send the Dichiarazione Preventiva or not.
  • Within 48 hours following the fine, the Tour Operator should send a legible copy of the document received by the Italian authorities to ETOA. This will enable ETOA and our local Italian legal partners to assist in opposing the fine. Please, use the e-mail address