All organizations are vulnerable to online fraud. Whilst we do our utmost to prevent attacks, fraudsters still find ways to bypass these efforts. To help mitigate fraudulent activities, it is important that ETOA stakeholders understand how to identify fraud so it can be reported to us. Below you will find details of online fraud attempts targeted at our members and stakeholders.

If you wish to report  fraudulent activity to us, please email

ETOA and its membership appear to be the target of a phishing attack (a fraudulent email campaign attempting to deceive recipients for financial advantage).

You or your organisation may have received an email from someone calling themselves Stella McClellan, who is claiming to be the Head of the ETOA accounting department. No such person has ever worked for ETOA. For a full list of our current Team members, please visit

To date, these emails have come from one of the following addresses:


All these are false email addresses. It is possible that those undertaking this fraud may attempt to use other e-mail addresses.

Genuine emails from ETOA will only ever come from an email address. Please check that, when replying, the email goes to an ETOA email address. A fraudster might use a disguised address: it will appear legitimate but will route the message to another email upon reply.

The fraudulent emails have taken one of three forms:

  • request for information concerning your outstanding payments to ETOA
  • demand for payment
  • instructions to change the bank account into which you pay your ETOA invoices

The bank accounts currently being used by the fraudsters are at Starling Bank, Novo Banco or Natwest, but again this may change in the future. None of these are ETOA bank accounts.

Any emails purporting to be from ETOA that include Stella McClellan or demands for payment into either a Natwest, Novo Banco or Starling Bank account are fraudulent. You should inform your accounts payable department immediately if you make a payment into any of these accounts, as well as reporting the fraud to ETOA using the email address

ETOA’s legitimate bank details can be obtained by contacting us at or contacting your designated account manager.