UNWTO – The Economic Impact of Restricting International Mobility

A 9-page report that begins by setting out the impact of the pandemic and associated travel restrictions on international demand in the past two years, referencing data collated by UNWTO as well as that relating to the aviation and cruise sectors. 

In economic terms the report notes that tourism direct gross domestic product halved between 2019 and 2020, with the reduction accounting for 70% of the decline in total global GDP. 

Impacts on island territories have been especially acute, while at a global level the International Labour Organisation estimates that the pandemic may (at its peak) have resulted in 305 million job losses, many of which were in the tourism sector. 

Those nations with the highest dependence on tourism experienced the steepest declines in overall GDP as a result of the pandemic. 

The report sets out a number of points for discussion including whether lessons have been learnt, how nations could improve the timeliness of data collection and how coordination could be enhanced to limit restrictions on international mobility in the future. 

Sadly the report does not venture to express an opinion on these points. 



Download UNWTO report on restricting international mobility