A 6-page excerpt from the latest UNWTO Tourism Barometer consisting of commentary, data tables and charts. 

Although the tone is broadly positive it is a salutary message that in the first five months of this year arrivals, despite being strongly up on last year (+221%), remained at around 46% of the levels seen during the equivalent period of 2019. 

Europe has been enjoying a particularly strong rebound with arrivals 350% up in the first five months of this year.  Looking ahead UNWTO anticipates arrivals in Europe to reach between 65% and 80% of those seen back in 2019. 

In terms of the supply of seats in the international aviation market the report highlights analysis by ICAO suggesting that between 20% and 25% fewer seats will be available in 2022 than in 2019.  Demand for accommodation is improving, with STR reporting room occupancy of 66% in June compared with 43% in January. 

The strength of the US dollar is referenced, with potentially favourable implications for destinations in Europe as Americans find the region more affordable. 

The Excerpt concludes with a table showing recent trends by region and subregion. 


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