Unlocking Travel’s Potential – The importance of UK-EU mobility for jobs and growth

An 8-page report that begins with a discussion of the challenges now faced by UK visitor economy businesses wishing to operate inside the EU using UK nationals.  Among the findings emerging from the survey of industry CEOs is that there has been a 69% decline in the number of UK nationals working in the EU across the tourism industry. 

One solution put forward is the expansion of the existing Youth Mobility Scheme to EU countries.   

Among the statistics used to support the case being made in the report are that: 

  • Outbound travel from the UK supports 720,000 full-time equivalent jobs in Britain 
  • 427,000 full-time equivalent jobs are supported within the EU itself by outbound travel from the UK 
  • 94% of businesses said that barriers to mobility for workers between the UK and EU reduces opportunities for young people to develop a career in travel 
  • 61% of businesses believe that an inability to recruit seasonal staff will inhibit their prospects for growth 
  • 90% suggest that expanding the Youth Mobility Scheme would make a considerable impact 

A case study looking at challenges facing businesses wishing to utilise UK nationals within France is presented before a round-up of what the travel industry says it needs to prosper. 


Download Unlocking Travel’s Potential – The Importance of UK-EU mobility