Pulse Check: Tourism support from local governments

ETOA’s Pulse Check asks one question each time. It’s a rapid and straightforward way to highlight our members’ voices to policymakers and the wider travel industry community.

March 2024
This time we asked our members

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

I feel tourism is well understood and supported by local government in European destinations.

ETOA Pulse Check Support by Governments

The majority of respondents (47%) disagree with the statement that tourism is understood and supported by local governments. Most of these (36%) disagree to a certain extent, but 11% strongly disagree that this is the case.

Roughly equal numbers somewhat agree with the statement as somewhat disagree (35% versus 36%), but nearly twice as many strongly disagree (11%) as strongly agree (6%).

Overall, ETOA members feel that more could be done to facilitate understanding of tourism within local governments. This in turn leads to greater support for our industry and the environment in which we operate. the keep up to date with ETOA’s activities in this area please visit our Operating in Europe pages.