An 8-page excerpt from the latest UNWTO Tourism Barometer consisting of commentary, data tables and charts. 

While the report notes arrivals in January 2022 were more than double those of a year ago it also reminds the reader that the tally remains 67% down on January 2019. 

The strongest rebounds at the start of this year continue to be in Europe and North America, while in Asia greater travel restrictions remain in place slowing recovery.   

Recovery during the next few months is set to be tempered by the war in Ukraine and a deteriorating economic situation in some parts of the world, with price increases a particular concern. 

The provisional estimate for the number of international tourist arrivals in 2021 is 421 million, more than one billion fewer than the 1.468 billion recorded back in 2019. 

According to the analysis the combined spending of outbound travellers from Russia and Ukraine represented 3% of the global total in 2019.  OECD forecasts are cited that suggest global economic growth will be 1% lower than previously expected in 2022 due to the conflict.  


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