ETOA Webinar | Show Me The Money: Visitor Spend in Europe

We have plentiful information on visitor numbers to Europe, but how much are they spending? In this webinar we will look at headline figures on tourism expenditure in Europe, as well as a more detailed look at spend patterns in some of the key destinations. We will consider why it is so difficult to obtain reliable, consistent expenditure data, and what other sources we can use to understand how much visitors are spending, both prior to departure and in destination. Which sources are the most reliable and what can they tell us about the picture at the moment?


  • David Edwards, Resident tourism stats expert, ETOA and Scattered Clouds
  • Anna Borduzha, VP Business Development, Mabrian
  • Shayna Zand, Head of Partnerships, WeTravel
  • Moderated by Rachel Read, Director of Insight, ETOA.