ETOA Webinar | Crisis: Charlamos con el mercado español preocupaciones mas inmediatas


8th April 2020

During this webinar, conducted in Spanish, ETOA’s Jorge Traver is in conversation with Luis Garcia from Europamundo.

The conversation centred around the financial situation after the crisis and how to create new attractive product: focusing in the internal market seems the only real possibility. There is a need to reinvent in order to be able to offer a new or at least adapted product.

Luis García remarks two things: only those companies that adapt to this new reality will survive, and advice companies not to rely on governments help but to take the initiative.

Many questions were received from participants about how to survive without any inbound markets and financial support: the consensus seemed to be that two months is the maximum amount of time small companies or businesses can survive without further help.

Webinar polling data

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