ETOA Insight Webinar | Mabrian’s Big Data unveils the new travel motivations and the trending destinations for 2024

Our partners at travel intelligence provider Mabrian have published a variety of studies analysing motivations for travel. Using social listening to monitor a wide range of tourism-related interactions on social media, along with global air connectivity, and harnessing the power of big data analysis and AI technologies, Carlos Cendra will present the latest results on traveller motivations for European destinations, as well as projected trending destinations for 2024.


  • Carlos Cendra, Marketing Director, Mabrian Technologies
  • Moderator: Rachel Read, Director of Insight & Business Improvement, ETOA


The dynamic graphics from the presentation would be lost in a pdf version and the best way to view it is on the Mabrian website. Consequently, Carlos’ presentation from the webinar can be accessed here (for the English language version) or here (for the Spanish language version). The link(s) will open in a new tab on your browser.