Data Appeal Webinar: Making Green Choices Without Turning Blue!

Join us for a dynamic data-driven exploration of sustainability in tourism destinations, where we’ll delve into the crucial pillars of environment, economy, society, and governance. Sustainability isn’t just about being environmentally friendly and “green”; it encompasses accessibility, inclusivity, and economic resilience.

Data Appeal is dedicated to empowering destinations to preserve cultural heritage and enhance accessibility and experience for both residents and visitors. In this webinar, we’ll examine the multifaceted impact of seasonality, green spaces, short-term rentals, and other factors shaping sustainable tourism. We’ll reveal the importance of having standardized KPIs for benchmarking against competitors and comparing process overtime.

President of the Florence convention bureau, Carlotta Ferrari, will also share her experiences.


  • Mirko Lalli, The Data Appeal Company
  • Hannah Babineau, The Data appeal Company
  • Carlotta Ferrari, Welcome Florence CVB
  • Moderated by Rachel Read, ETOA

Presentation from the Data Appeal Company and Destination Florence: Making Green Choices without Turning Blue (opens in a new tab).