ETOA Webinar | VIVA – Sourcing sustainable tourism

ETOA Webinar | VIVA – Sourcing sustainable tourism

VIVA Marketplace 2023 was a half-day online workshop serving those looking to source and promote more sustainable tourism products and services.

The introductory webinar featured two experts showcasing the development and use of sustainability dashboards for destinations and associations, and what the implications may be on the supply chain, product development and promotion as KPIs linked to sustainability drive more decision-making.

This was useful background for the online workshop focused on helping operators source more sustainable product and suppliers develop their client base of buyers for whom sustainability is a priority.

Note: We are grateful to our panellists for kindly agreeing to re-record the webinar on 12th January 2024 as there was a technical issue with the live recording . The new version gives more detailed commentary on the presentations than was possible on the day.


  • Virginia Sarobe, Directora de Sostenibilidad, Bioscore
  • Professor Xavier Font, University of Surrey
  • Moderator: Tim Fairhurst, Director General, ETOA

Presentations (links will open in a new tab):