ETOA Webinar | North American Demand

ETOA Webinar | North American Demand

ETOA operators are now in the middle of selling their 2024 programmes and completing their plans for 2025.

Of all the long-haul markets for Europe, North America has recovered faster and stronger. For many operators selling Europe in the US and Canada 2023 was better than 2019.

The webinar will explore whether this surge will be carried forward into 2024 and 2025. Among other things, it will look at how far the Paris Olympics will affect demand for France and the neighbouring countries, if there are any trends or destinations that are seeing a growth in popularity and if there are any sectors worth concentrating on in 2025.

The webinar will start with a short presentation on the most recent market research by Rachel Read, ETOA’s Director of insight.



  • Bob Rouse, VP Marketing and Communication, NTA
  • Carylann Assante, CEO SYTA
  • Rachel Read, Director of Insight & Business Improvement, ETOA
  • Moderator: Tom Jenkins, CEO, ETOA

Presentation (link will open in a new tab):


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