London – Scope for Recovery

19th June 2020

London stands alongside Paris as one the foremost tourism cities in Europe. A major attraction in its own right, it is also vital gateway to Europe for incoming visitors.

That it is currently closed removes one of the most important components of the European tourism offer. The 6 million visitors that the British Museum receives every year is more than visit Venice. Without London, both the UK and Europe loses a major attraction.

Tourism is also vital for London. Foreign visitors accounted for approximately £16 billion of spending in 2019. This underpins not only hotels and attractions, but also shops restaurants and pubs. Tourists are the lifeblood of the capital’s service economy. How London can restore tourism flows is crucial to its future and the future European tourism. It will also serve as a template for other tourism cities elsewhere.

This panel explored the impact that the current crisis has had on the tourism infrastructure of the capital, when we might be able to plan a resumption of activity and what tourism might look like in the future.


  • Tony Travers, Professor, London School of Economics
  • Jace Tyrrell, CEO, New West End Company


  • Tom Jenkins, CEO, ETOA

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