Chinese Tourism Market European Recovery Plan | European Webinar

26th June 2020

On behalf of the European Travel Commission (ETC), ETOA member EuroPass is delivering a China-outbound campaign to promote 20 European destinations. The ‘Wanderlust, Wonder Europe’ campaign will operate until final monitoring in March 2022.

This webinar reviewed the campaign’s application criteria and intended scope. 20 DMOs were subsequently selected by ETC to take part, and qualified for match funding. The campaign focused primarily on the FIT market, grouped by thematic clusters from wine to wellness to local products. Europass presented campaign elements, from use of Key Online Influencers visiting destinations to support from project partners. Panellists also responded to questions from participants across Europe.


  • Tim Fairhurst, Secreatry General, ETOA
  • Nicolas Groelly, Chief Operating Officer, Europass
  • Anna Ndiaye, Project Manager, EuroPass
  • Thibault Lemierre Business Manager, EuroPass

Presentation of the project

Application form