Crisi COVID-19: discussione informale con il mercato italiano


28th April 2020

Hosted by Jorge Traver, in conversation with Maria Elena Rossi, ENIT, Paolo Fatone, Tiqets and Adriano Meloni,, this drop-in webinar highlighted the following:

  • Italy represents a big market with a variety of points of view, reason why ENIT is meeting weekly to see how they can help different regions, tourism approaches and challenges.
  • Creativeness will be a must to survive, both in terms of niche targets and product development
  • Financial nightmare (already here) is the main concern for all stakeholders

Questions and comments from participants joining from across Italy covered topics including:

  • How will large TOs cope with the new measures?
  • What about tour guides, local guides and the non-existent workload?

Webinar polling data

We are monitoring delegate opinion using online polls. For current charts with data from USA, Benelux, German-speaking Europe and Spain webinars please see here.

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