YouGov: Youth of today, travel of tomorrow September 2022

A 57-page report that explores the cohort aged 18-24, which is referred to in the report as Gen Z, covering what is important to them, what they want from travel and how best to connect and engage with them. 

The report makes the somewhat surprising claim that Gen Z represents more than one-quarter of the world’s population as United Nations population estimates for 2021 indicate that even if one expands the age range to cover 15-24 then this cohort actually represents just 15% of the population. 

Data is presented showing that the top issues of concerns to 18-24 year olds in Great Britain in the spring of 2022 were headed by climate change, cited by 43%, the European Union (37%) and Green energy (36%). 

It is noted that this is the first generation who no nothing other than a digital world, meaning that they see offline and online existence as pretty much the same thing, although interestingly it is noted that 63% of global Gen Z individuals say they worry about how long they spend on social media but despite this 40% believe social media changes their lives for the better. 

Compared with older adults this group is found to be more willing to seek out challenging experiences and to take risks with their own money. 

YouGov analysis from a 17-country study found that 39% of Gen Z said they hope to take more domestic holidays in the next twelve months than in the past year, while 35% said they hope to take more international holidays.  Overall one-quarter say they intend to spend more on travel related products in the next year, but on an individual country basis Brits lead the way at 44%, while the US Gen Z were more cautious (18%). 

Gen Z in Asian markets were much more likely to be planning domestic as opposed to international trips as were their compatriots in Europe.   

The price of travel was found to be a leading obstacle for those aged 18-24, and much of this research would have predated the sharp increases in the cost of many goods and services seen during 2022, but perhaps reflecting their willingness to find ways of saving money this cohort was more willing than others to consider unique types of accommodation and are especially enamoured with budget accommodation. 

Despite worries about finances the report notes that Gen Z is very open to the idea of mixing budget with luxury and are also more interested in ‘travelling with a purpose’ than are older cohorts, for example seeking out authentic experiences that are representative of the local culture. 

In essence the report claims this cohort wants to travel for personal development and enrichment.  

This cohort says it is more influenced by reviews from other travellers than from experts but is most influenced by recommendations from family and friends. 

With regard to tech 56% claim that they cannot get around without their phone or tablet.  Only a minority in GB and the US say they follow a travel influencer (8%) with much higher figures in India (30%).  However around three-in-ten in each of the US and GB say they are interested in using the metaverse to explore a country they have never visited. 

Link to YouGov Youth Travel Report September 2022