YouGov International Travel and Tourism Report 2021

A comprehensive 60-page report based on a range of YouGov surveys covering 185,000 consumers spread across 25 countries.  There are a myriad of insights emerging from the study, including:  

  • Globally only one-in-five consumers plan an international trip before June 2022 
  • Half of respondents plan to take at least one domestic trip within the next twelve months 
  • The appetite to travel remains but recovery depends on health risks abating and the easing of restrictions 
  • Travel restrictions are now the most significant barrier for many Europeans whereas health risks still prevail in parts of Asia 
  • Worries about testing regimes for COVID-19 when travelling abroad include the cost but also complexity and inconvenience and the need to navigate procedures in a foreign country 
  • More than half of consumers support the concept of vaccine passports 
  • Business travel is likely to see a slower return than leisure travel 
  • Millennials and Gen-X are expected to be the cohorts that will return to travel sooner rather than later 
  • Those most interested in “responsible travel” show a slight skew towards having an above average income 
  • An analysis of “favourite destinations” indicates that these tend to be countries “close to home” 

A handy “Key Takeaways” page towards the very end of the report covers key highlights  

Link to YouGov International Travel Report 2021