Visit Britain: motivations, influences, decisions and sustainability June 2022

A 70-page report sharing some of the findings from a 30-country study conducted in the spring of 2022 among international leisure travellers. 

Findings include that: 

  • Respondents in the Middle East and India were the most likely and those in Western Europe the least likely to say they would be visiting Britain for a holiday in the next two years 
  • Almost two-thirds of long-haul travellers said they would be likely to combine a trip to Britain with a visit to other European countries 
  • Key motivators were found to be destinations that offer good value for money, a war welcome and the ability to explore a range of different places 
  • When asked to associate Britain with different statements ‘Is a place where I can explore history and heritage’ came out top, whereas among the more than two-dozen statements those gaining the least traction were ‘Offers good value for money’ and ‘If I don’t visit soon, I’d miss out’ 
  • Looking at how respondents reacted to other destinations with regard to different statements Australia and Italy were often seen in the most favourable light 
  • While subject to the risk that respondents may overstate certain behaviours, 9 out of 10 claimed that they had engaged in sustainable tourism behaviours 
  • In terms of influences word of mouth remains paramount, although in terms of stimulating a trip to Britain ‘deals’ played ore of a role for those in short-haul source markets 
  • Price comparison sites become more important once those considering a visit move from being influenced to making a decision 
  • When booking a trip short-haul markets would predominantly book elements of their trip independently, whereas around half of those in the US, Brazil and India claimed to have booked their most recent trip to Britain as a package   



Download Visit Britain MIDAS Report June 2022