UNWTO Experiences in measuring the sustainability of tourism

A detailed 52-page report which, after a section introducing the MST workstream, describes the experiences and findings from eleven separate pilot studies in destinations as diverse as Fiji, Germany and Vietnam. 

The goal is to provide countries with a common framework for assessing the impact and contribution of tourism on the economy, society and the environment. 

The report focusses on the policy implications from the pilot studies, but notes that in many cases the studies coincided with periods of lockdown and abnormal travel patterns due to the pandemic meaning that a degree of caution is needed in interpreting the findings. 

A secondary goal of the publication is to act as a recruitment tool for further destinations to join the MST programme.   

In each section summarising the separate pilot studies the policy aims and context is described, followed by details of data generated as a result of the study, the key findings and how to find more detailed information.