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VisitBritain / VisitEngland 

 Legally one organisation with all market intelligence and research available via the above website. VisitBritain’s focus is on promoting Britain overseas whereas VisitEngland promotes England to the British. 

The volume of inbound statistics and research made available by VisitBritain is extensive. They also run a comprehensive selection of international market update webinars, as well as an in-person events programme for the travel trade.

It is possible to view and download data from the International Passenger Survey which provides data covering inbound tourism to the UK, with time-series data available for many previous years. 

Data on inbound volume and value by market is available here:  

Data is available at a regional and local level here:  

The best way of tapping into both data and insight relating to markets and segments is via the following link which provides access to a series of Market Profiles as well as reports on topics such as Luxury tourism:  

The VisitEngland data and research is more focussed on domestic but does cover a number of broader and international topics of potential interest including a report on Experiential Activities:  

Material is made available on Sustainable Tourism, including guidance for using sustainability to promote your business: as well as on the importance of Accessible Tourism with guidance on how to welcome visitors with accessibility needs:  

Although now somewhat out of date reports produced by Deloitte on behalf of VisitBritain examine the economic impact and contribution to jobs growth of tourism:  

VisitBritain has undertaken a number of waves of international sentiment tracking during the pandemic with comprehensive reports available:  

You can view past webinars on international market updates here:

A listing of all upcoming travel trade events can be found here: