Tiqets: Must-Know Travel Industry Trends for the 2022 High Season

A 22 page report exploring what travellers will be looking for during 2022 and why they are travelling.  The report is based on a survey of 2,000 people across the USA conducted in March and as such is of most interest to visitor attractions seeking to better understand the American market. 

The findings suggest that 26% of those who travel for business extend their trip for leisure and that 58% say that they travel while working remotely. 

With work constraints of those on business travel a key consideration it is suggested that attractions opt to stay open late at least one night per week. 

Regardless of whether for work or leisure the survey found that close to a third said that they visit historic sites or museums on a trip, increasing to 38% saying they visit iconic landmarks. 

Of social media sites used while trying to find new things to do on a trip Instagram came top, while other sources of information included search engines and travel blogs. 

Experiences with travel companions and exploring a new place were the top reasons cited for visiting an attraction with around two-in-five saying they plan what to do on a trip two or fewer days in advance. 

Details of how much different demographic claim they are willing to pay for different types of visitor attraction are provided as is data on what ‘extras’ people would be willing to pay for.   

The last few pages of the report detail key findings from the survey for each of the four ‘generations’ covered by the survey. 

Download Tiquets Report on Trends for 2022 High Season