STR Blog: Travel Barriers after lockdown

Analysis based on interviews with 1,333 global travellers who are part of the STR Travel Panel took place in February 2021 investigating attitudes towards travel. 

The short blog article finds that 96% of respondents had chosen not to book travel due to the pandemic. 

Barriers were divided into three broad groups; government, comfort and financial.  More than three-in-four respondents cited government legislation / restrictions as a barrier to travel while two-thirds selected the potential hassle of quarantine. 

As respondents could tick as many of the available barriers as they wished we should not be surprised that a number generated relatively high response rates.  Fellow travellers not following the rules was cited by 64% while roughly half were concerned about their own health, the possibility of lastminute cancellation and their experience being negatively impacted. 

Looking at the financial barriers those in North America were more likely than those in the UK or mainland Europe to mention refund challenges due to cancellation while UK respondents were more likely than others to mention last minute cancellation. 

As part of the analysis, Doug speaks to Dorji Dhradhul (General Director of the Tourism Council of Bhutan) and Geerte Udo (CEO of Amsterdam & Partners) to get their take on what’s next for destinations. They highlight that the focus needs to be on people and planet first, and only then on profit.

At ETOA, we had already begun work on sustainable tourism strategies for destinations, and will continue to do so as the industry works its way back from coronavirus.

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