Reiseanalyse First Results for 2021

An 18-page overview of findings from the survey based on 10,000 online interviews, beginning with headline stats on the size of the decline in 2020 and a more upbeat note regarding prospects for a rebound. 

The report highlights that while the number of holidays taken by Germans fell 29% in 2020 spending declined by 38%, reflecting the tendency to holiday domestically.  Among those who did take a foreign holiday  in 2020 Spain remained the most popular destination. 

Almost half of holidays (49%) were booked online, up from 44% in 2019, with unsurprisingly face-to-face being the booking channel to see the steepest decline. 

Three-in-five Germans reported that holiday travel is ‘personally important’ to them, unchanged from recent years, suggesting that the pandemic has not dented enthusiasm.  On a less positive note an increasing number of Germans fear that the overall economic situation is set to get worse in the country during 2021 although only 20% believe this will be the case for them personally.   

At the start of the year 14% said they had no travel plans for this year, 38% were unsure, 28% planned a trip but had not decided on the destination and 21% had chosen where they would be holidaying.   

Download the Reiseanalyse First Results 2021