Rediscovering Europe: The Return of Chinese Tourists March 2023

A 64-page report, the first chapter of which explores whether or not we are already seeing the return of the Chinese traveller.  The authors wisely note that difficulty in obtaining visas, the limited availability and high cost of international flights all underscore why it is that domestic and destinations in Asia are set to see a more immediate rebound in arrivals from China than are long-haul destinations.  Travel further afield is expected to rise sharply later in 2023, including during the so-called Golden Week. 

Findings from a survey of ultra-rich Chinese travel enthusiasts are presented including that they highly value cultural experiences and who particular enjoy spa or winter sports vacations.  Unsurprisingly it is noted that this cohort is highly dependent on, and influenced by, technology. 

Chapter 3 sets out how to meet the expectations of Chinese travellers based on the views of a series of travel and marketing experts, while Chapter 4 covers what has become the somewhat contentious issue of Chinese digital platforms, providing a very useful summary of what sites and apps are most commonly used in relation to travel and tourism. 

Chapter 5 covers a series of case studies looking at how different destinations continued to engage with potential Chinese travellers during the pandemic, including the live streaming of the Northern Lights.  Finally, Chapter 6 sets out a series of quick wins that can help destinations re-engage with Chinese travellers including that solo travel is booming, a keenness to explore lesser-known destinations and a passion for outdoor activities, in particular winter sports.  

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