Pulse Check: Operating environment for tourism in 2024

ETOA’s Pulse Check asks one question each time. It’s a rapid and straightforward way to highlight our members’ voices to policymakers and the wider travel industry community.

February 2024
This time we asked our members

How do you feel about the operating environment for European tourism in 2024 compared with 2023?

ETOA Pulse Check Environment 2024 vs 2023

The majority of respondents do not expect an improvement in the business environment for European tourism in 2024, with 70% saying they expect things to remain the same or become more challenging. 35% feel circumstances will be more difficult this year compared with last.

Roughly equal numbers expect a moderate improvement as expect a moderate decline in conditions (27% vs 28%). Conversely at the extremities, over twice as many members feel that 2024 will be much more challenging compared with those that feel it will be much more favourable (7% versus 3%).

Of the 30% who feel the situation will improve in 2024, the vast majority (27%) expect only a moderately easier environment, compared with just 3% anticipating a significant improvement this year. It is to be remembered, though, that many tourism businesses are still recovering from the pandemic, so a moderate improvement from such a nadir may not reflect a material advancement in the operating climate.

Overall, ETOA members are expecting quite a difficult year for business in 2024, but some have a brighter perspective. We will continue to support their growth and communicate their voice to those who can help improve the outlook.