ForwardKeys Presentation – State of Play for European Tourism 2022

A wide-ranging 26-slide presentation from our data partner Forward Keys, to accompany our webinar on this topic.

The global outlook is considered first, noting that international demand in the first three months of 2022 remained 59% down on 2019 volumes with the steepest declines in Asia Pacific and most modest falls in the Americas.  A more positive tone is set when assessing Q2 with the aggregate picture being a 43% reduction compared to three years ago, with Europe down 36%.

The gradual decline on restrictions and conditions impacting inbound tourism is ably conveyed through a graphic but which also highlights that many destinations continue to enforce certain measures.

Group travel is shown to have declined since 2019 while length of stay has increased at the global level, while direct airline bookings have increased, and business travel lost market share at the expense of VFR and leisure.

At the European level demand is shown to have picked up during recent months while the war in Ukraine has dented demand for Central and Eastern Europe.  Intra-European demand for July to August 2022 is currently 18% below its 2019 equivalent, but this is an uplift from -27% two months ago.

Compared with 2019 the most ‘active’ travellers for travel to/within Europe in the upcoming summer are expected to be those from markets including Sweden, Denmark and the UK, while the US and Canada remain comparatively weak.

At present the most resilient destinations for summer 2022 look set to include Greece, Turkey and Portugal, but even here demand is not expected to match that of 2019.

Download Forward Keys Presentation on State of Play for European Tourism