ForwardKeys Most Visited Destinations Report 2022

A 48-page report that explores trends in visits to both countries and city destinations from around the world in 2022 and that looks ahead to 2023, considering prospects for different outbound source markets.  The report touches on a range of other issues such as premium travel and over tourism before showcasing what it terms ‘best practices’ from a host of markets. 

The report suggests that, with the notable exception of the Asia Pacific region, much of the world’s travel industry has now come close to recovering most of the reduction in demand that ensured following the onset of the pandemic in 2020. 

Sun and beach destinations are those that have seen the strongest demand in 2022, perhaps helped by the fact that many of those visiting such places will be travelling intra as opposed to inter-regionally.  Geopolitical tensions, the energy crisis and rising prices are issues that the report believes cast a potential shadow over prospects for the upcoming year. 

The destinations in Europe that are closest to regaining 2019 volumes are Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain, while destinations more reliant on an ‘urban’ as opposed to ‘sun and beach’ offer continue to lag. 

In terms of outbound markets it is noted that the US, UK, Australia and India are all markets that are showing signs of stagnation towards the end of 2022, with rising fares perhaps one explanation. 

While the report hales the fact that many visitors are spending more than they did before the pandemic, including on travelling in premium cabins, this insight perhaps fails to take full account of the fact that this might be accrued savings that are being used as opposed to a shift in tastes, plus it may not fully reflect consumers adapting to sharp increases in the costs of energy and foodstuffs. 

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