ETOA Travel Trade Masterclass | Asian demand

ETOA’s Travel Trade Masterclasses are free webinars designed for the European supply-chain exploring demand from global source markets to European destinations from the perspective of tour operators, OTAs and wholesalers. Expert panellists share insights about evolving travel trends and business needs, and how suppliers can diversify their client base working with the travel trade.

ETOA has over 380 buyers in its membership. In this session, guest panellists are companies based in East and South East Asia. We will discuss prospects for 2022, planning cycles and product development for their European products and tours.

Data analytics were provided by our partner ForwardKeys.

Topics covered: 

  • Market trends and booking patterns in East and South East Asia outbound
  • Travel trade business models and how best to maximise mutual interest
  • Service requirements, group sizes, in-destination spend and product development


The session was moderated by Sofie Jensen, ETOA