ETOA Insights Webinar | State of Play for the European Tourism Industry 2022

Ahead of ETOA’s City Fair B2B networking event in June, we take stock of the big picture for European destinations. We are delighted to collaborate with our new partners at ForwardKeys for a data-driven look at where Europe is now in terms of bookings by source markets, and destinations heading towards a return to pre-pandemic visitor levels. We will examine the impact of the situation in Ukraine and look ahead at future bookings into 2023. We will end with a review of the changes that have taken place in booking patterns and product demand during the pandemic, and discuss which of these are likely to be permanent features on the travel landscape of the future.

Topics covered:

  •     Top European destinations
  •     Source markets
  •     Impact of the situation in Ukraine
  •     Booking patterns post-Covid


  • Juan Gómez, Head of Market Intelligence, ForwardKeys
  • Rachel Read, Director of Insight, ETOA

The presentation can be found here.