ETC Trends and Prospects Q2 2023

A 62-page report produced for ETC by Tourism Economics including a large amount of data and accompanying commentary.  Key insights include that one-in-four destinations are welcoming more international visitors so far this year than had been the case back in 2019, but with inflation squeezing consumer income it is destinations considered to be more affordable that are seeing the strongest performance, including Türkiye, Bulgaria and Montenegro.   

The strong dollar is said to be one of the driving factors behind a very positive set of results for inbound tourism to Europe from the USA, whereas arrivals from Asia Pacific still lag those from pre-pandemic times. 

Section 1 of the study presents detailed destination performance for the early months of 2023 while the following section focusses on the latest Tourism Economics forecasts for global tourism. 

Aviation and accommodation sector trends are examined in detail in Section 3 while Section 4 considers prospects for the peak summer months in a little more detail. 

As is usual for these reports there are then sections with a focus on key source markets for Europe and an examination of origin market shares, before the economic outlook is explored in Section 7.