ETC Monitoring sentiment for domestic and intra-European travel Wave 16

Detailed 45-page report covering the findings of Wave 16 of an ETC survey assessing the extent to which Europeans are minded to travel either domestically or elsewhere within Europe. 

Results are based on findings from six thousand citizens from ten European markets with fieldwork undertaken during May 2023, with all respondents having taken at least two overnight trips in the past three years.   

Among the headline findings are: 

  • 69% planned to travel between June and November, some 4% lower than was the case at the same point in the calendar a year ago 
  • Trips for ‘sun and beach’, ‘culture and heritage’ and ‘city breaks’ remain the preferred trip types 
  • Close to half of those intending to travel in the coming months indicate that they will be travelling by air 
  • Older travellers are intending to spend more and stay longer at their destination than are their younger counterparts 
  • The most pressing travel concerns remain high travel prices and limited personal finances 
  • 17% say that travelling in the off-season will be a strategy they adopt to help save on expenditure while 14% will seek out destinations they consider to be more affordable 
  • Spain, France and Italy remain the countries that are most likely to be visited on the next international trip undertaken by Europeans 

Much of the report is devoted to infographics and charts detailing the findings for specific markets and segments.   

Download ETC report on sentiment for domestic and intra-European travel wave 16