ETC and Atout France ‘Restarting Tourism for the Better: Performance of European Tourism Before, During and After Covid-19’

A 38 page report produced by Atout France and European Travel Commission which serves to remind the reader of trends that shaped European tourism ahead of the pandemic, the impact that the crisis had on the sector and looks ahead to what is termed a two-speed recovery.  The report makes clear that the analysis was produced ahead of the onset of war in Ukraine and as such the outlook section does not reflect the implications of the conflict. 

The decade 2010 to 2019 is described as a ‘golden age’ for European tourism with the continent attracting 51% of tourist arrivals and 39% of tourist spending in 2019 thanks to an annual growth rate of 4.7% during the previous ten years. 

The impact of the pandemic is presented in stark terms, with European arrivals declining 68% and revenues by 60% in 2020, although with these declines being less severe than those felt across the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. 

In a more upbeat mood the report references data from the ongoing ETC survey of Europeans’ sentiment towards domestic and intra-European travel, noting that throughout this has remained positive, though with actual trip taking often constrained by travel restrictions. 

Recovery is expected most swiftly in destinations that rely primarily on domestic and short-haul demand, with those more dependent on long-haul source markets lagging.  The travel concerns of Europeans are summarised as is their destination preference for future trips.  

Throughout the report are several charts and tables used to illustrate past trends and future prospects, these acting as a helpful reference to the scale and characteristics of European tourism before the pandemic.      

The report concludes by considering the various opportunities and challenges facing European destinations during the next few years. 

Download ETC and Atout France report