Data Appeal and Sojern Report: Italian Tourism 2021

The report includes both discussion and a number of charts, for example detailing the weekly booking profile of trips to Italy from domestic, other European and international travellers. 

The study notes the many constraints facing travellers including mandatory vaccination, Green Pass and the need to show negative tests, with these factors helping explain the keenness of travellers to drive to Italy in their own vehicle where possible. 

It is claimed that bookings to Greece have exceeded pre-Covid levels, although this may not reflect the entirety of the travel market to the country.  

Analysis of online sentiment about destinations is presented, purporting to show strong satisfaction with visits to Italy in summer 2021.  Further analysis of ‘digital traces’ suggests that the majority of online reviews and content relates to restaurants, cafes and bars (for travellers in Italy).  More than two-thirds (68%) of online reviews and content posted in Italy was by domestic visitors.   

Looking ahead to autumn a fairly upbeat tone is struck, though with a recognition that volumes will still remain below those achieved back in 2019.  

Link to Data Appeals European Tourism 2021 report