Clearsight Report on UK consumers and out of home activities

The Executive Summary of the 13-page report provides bite-size insights into activities including rail and bus travel, outbound holidaying, domestic holiday accommodation bookings, visits to attractions and other out-of-home leisure activities. 

The analysis finds that UK consumers are increasingly participating in outbound travel but not yet at 2019 levels, and that those who are continue to experience what is termed a ‘comfort gap’ with their participation.  By contrast domestic holiday bookings and comfort with domestic travel would appear to be back at pre-pandemic levels. 

Having to some extent benefited from the desire among tourists to be outside those attractions that are outdoors performed more strongly during than their indoor counterparts during the pandemic, but it is noted that participation in visiting indoor visitor attractions has now returned to ‘normal levels’. 

Each of the topic areas has a page devoted to presenting data that helps explore recent trends with a short piece of commentary on each – for example in relation to outbound travel the headwinds from the cost of living crisis and war in Ukraine are highlighted as dampening demand. 

An Appendix details the consumer survey methodology and survey dates that underpin the charts presented earlier in the report. 

Download Clearsight Report on UK Consumers