City DNA – City Travel Report 2023

The Executive Summary Report is freely available and highlights some of the key trends witnessed across 115 city destinations during 2022.   The reader will find both infographics and a narrative , but much of the 16 page chapter consists of contents table for the full report which is available to purchase. 

Among those insights freely shared is that in 2022 the number of bednights in all forms of paid accommodation doubled on the pandemic-hit tally for 2021.   

Unsurprisingly the USA stands out as being the source market seeing the fastest annual growth in 2022, largely thanks to it having been the key long-haul source market for European destinations that was first to lift travel restrictions. 

Of the 115 cities covered by the report 111 experienced growth in bednights, while the three cities achieving the highest volume of bednights were London, Paris and Istanbul. 

Another indication of tourism normalising in 2022 is that city destinations saw bednights increase ad double the rate of non-city destinations, with the former having been shunned in 2021 while coastal and rural destinations were benefitting from visitors opting for destinations they perceived as being less crowded. 

Bed occupancy stood at an average of 43.1% in 2022, up from 26.4% the year before.