City Destinations Alliance – Exploring the emerging role of the Place Making and Marketing Organisation

A detailed set of 19 slides covering the results from the latest wave of an ongoing tracker for the UK Association of Leading Visitor Attractions.  Around 1,020 respondents (all of which had visited an attraction back in 2019) were surveyed between 6 and 10 June 2022. 

Key findings include that: 

  • More than one-in-three feel that they will visit attractions more often this summer than last 
  • The rising cost of living is now the main barrier for visiting attractions, however 15% still cite worries about coronavirus are deterring them from visiting 
  • 40% of respondents said they feel financially worse off than they did a year ago, with the situation particularly acute for those in lower socio-economic groups 
  • Those feeling worse off are less likely to visit attractions than other groups, but they still expect to make more such visits than they did during summer 2021 
  • The appeal of visiting free attractions is especially strong for those currently feeling worse off, while this group look set not to renew annual membership / season tickets if the situation remains as it is 
  • It may well be that with the return of longer overseas holidays consumers choose to forfeit shorter domestic breaks