CELTH research: Reducing crowding at destinations through social interaction

A 29-page academic paper that reports on findings of a survey of 150 visitors to 10 vacation parks in Overijssel in 2021. 

The study assigned participants to different groups and provided each with different forms of marketing information.  A key finding was that those being delivered with policy driven messaging, focussing on lesser-known attractions, were more likey to visit these than were those offered more traditional travel apps focussing on the places visitors most often frequent. 

The suggestion is that information provided to tourists impacts their behaviour, and that a conversational based app providing highly personalised information can be successful in addressing overtourism by diverting visitors to places they would not otherwise have chosen.  

It is perhaps worth keeping in mind that the study had a comparatively small sample and that behaviours in 2021 may still have been influenced by Covid-19 concerns.