WTTC: Destination 2030

A detailed JLL and WTTC 54-page report which explores the readiness of global destination cities to accommodate sustainable tourism growth. 

At the outset it is noted that in the decade to 2019 tourism grew at an annual rate of 4.2%, well ahead of the overall economic growth rate of 3% per annum, with travel and tourism accounting for one in every four new jobs created. 

The concepts of scale, concentration, leisure and business offerings, environmental and urban readiness, sustainability, social impact, safety and security, and the prioritisation of tourism create a framework for the analysis.   

In addition to providing a league table of readiness under each pillar for the 63 cities analysed, the report considers strategies and policies implemented in cities across the globe aimed at supporting and inspiring destination leaders in their planning for the post-pandemic recovery of the sector. 

Five city typologies are identified; dawning developers (including Delhi and Riyadh), emerging performers (including Dubrovnik and Buenos Aires), balanced dynamics (including Auckland and Vancouver), mature performers (including Berlin and Miami) and managing momentum (including Amsterdam and London). 

The methodology and 75 separate indicators analysed are set out in the report, giving 4,725 indexed outcomes. 

There then follows analysis revealing the top ten cities under each pillar and a discussion regarding some fo the cities that feature towards the top of the respective listings. 

The interlinkages between the pillars and individual indicators is considered along with the relative importance of domestic and international tourism. 

Recommendations include the importance of what is termed public-private-community engagement, placing sustainability at the core of decision making, having effective communications and outreach, leveraging technology and strategic planning. 

An appendix lists the cities covered and each of the detailed indicators that underpin the analysis for each of the pillars.