ETOA & NTC Webinar | The Growing Importance of Nature Travel within Tourism

Join us for a lively and insightful webinar on Nature Tourism, one of tourism’s fastest growing sectors.

Our nature tourism experts from across the Baltic and Nordic region will discuss emergence and development of nature-based holidays and how experiential travel is now such an important and often-requested option for our customers today. We will be able to see and hear of the latest products to emerge in the sector and expected developments in the future, all part of the journey towards sustainable travel.


Our panel of experts

  • Asnate Ziemele  – President of Baltic Nature Tourism, Latvia & Estonia
  • Matijs Babris –  President, Latvian Nature Tourism Association
    Sylvia Adams – Founder, Amazing Nature Scandinavia, Sweden
  • Ã…smund Bakke – Owner of Folgefonni Glacier Team

The webinar was moderated by the Nordic Tourism Collective.