USTOA Insights: USA as an origin market Jan 23

A 7-page slide deck detailing the analysis from MMGY Global’s 2022 Portrait of American International Travellers survey.   

The main headline is that international travel by Americans is projected to exceed its 2019 tally by the end of 2023, with spending (in nominal terms it is to be assumed) 16% higher than had been the case prior to the pandemic. 

As might be expected a strong correlation is found between income and trip intensity and spend per trip, with the richest Americans making more than 5 international trips at an average spend per trip of $5,700. 

Europe is the region that American international travellers are the most likely to say they are ‘Extremely likely to visit in the next three years’ at 83% of respondents, but this is marginally lower than the 88% seen back in 2019. 

The survey finds a reduction in those who plan an international vacation less than three months ahead of time, falling from 24% in 2019 to 17% in 2022. 

Factors emerging as being influential when it comes to destination choice include the possibility of visiting somewhere new, places that are safe, the prospect of good weather and the availability of a good deal. 

The survey finds that millennials are more likely than boomers (63% versus 12%) to say that a travel provider’s focus on sustainability and environmental considerations will impact their decision making. 

More than half of those surveyed (59%) reported that their ideal international trip would provide the chance to visit multiple cities within the same country. 

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