Tourism Ireland Covid-19 Research 2020

Findings from a second wave of online research commissioned by Tourism Ireland looking at the views of consumers across 11 source markets who regularly make outbound holiday trips. 

Unsurprisingly the research found that compared with Wave 1 back in July the situation had deteriorated while encouragingly it was discovered that most who did take a holiday in summer 2020 enjoyed their experience with expectations often exceeded.  Around three-quarters of those polled expected to take a European break before the end of 2021. 

Driving to and from a holiday destination was the most popular choice as it enabled greater flexibility if plans needed to change and an ability to self-repatriate. 

Looking at how comfortable potential travellers said they would be taking a holiday in different destinations while social distancing remains Ireland and Northern Ireland was broadly in the middle of the pack with around three-in-ten saying they would be comfortable.  China was the destination people felt least comfortable about visiting and Germany the destination about which consumers were the most comfortable visiting. 

A signal of what may be to come in spring and summer 2021, the survey found that 80% booked their most recent trip less than four weeks in advance of travelling. 

Across the markets polled between one-in-five and one-in-three reported that their household income had been negatively impacted by COVID-19, perhaps a reminder that the financial impact may linger well after vaccination has become widespread. 

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