Tiquets – Tourism Trends 2020 Report: The European Traveller’s Mindset Post-COVID

The document quickly sets a positive tone, citing findings from a survey of 300 European travellers that indicates a return to travel could be sooner and stronger than anticipated.  That said, the need for museums to become more creative and focus on engaging with their regional audience reminds readers that the findings are not simply predicting a return to how things were in 2019. 

The survey found half of Dutch travellers were planning a trip to take place during August, and by the end of the year 72% of Europeans were indicating an intention to have travelled.  Of those planning a trip at the time of the study 85% said this would be within Europe, with the biggest share saying they would travel domestically. 

While not given huge prominence in the report the survey found 26% saying they planned to fly less, long-term, post-COVID. 

Not surprisingly many were booking last minute trips as travel opportunities arose, while others were booking well into the future, perhaps because they were cautious about the short-term or because this was a postponed trip from earlier in 2020. 

The report lists three key take-outs for each of the markets where polling took place. 

The survey suggests 80% of Europeans intended to include a museum visit on their next trip, though travellers expected museums to have introduced a raft of hygiene and safety measures.