IATA Air Traveller Response to Covid Wave 7

A 14-page summary of the latest IATA research undertaken across 11 countries covering 4,700 respondents in September 2021, with analysis presented in the form of a series of charts and tables. 

Key findings include that: 

  • 30% strongly agree that travel restrictions have negatively impacted their quality of life 
  • One-in-three said that understanding what rules applied to their trip was a real challenge 
  • While 43% agreed strongly that aircraft are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected 24% strongly agreed that the air quality on a plane is dangerous 
  • Asked when they will travel once the pandemic is contained 22% said that they would ‘not wait at all’ while 14% said they would either ‘wait a year or so’ or ‘not resume in the foreseeable future’ 
  • 27% agreed strongly that border closures seem unnecessary as imposing them has not controlled the virus 
  • Almost half, 46% agreed strongly that they would get a lot of confidence from all passengers being required to be vaccinated 
  • 40% agreed strongly that as coronavirus will not disappear we need to manage its risks while living and travelling normally  

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