IATA Air Traveller Response to Covid Wave 5

data-driven set of five slides from IATA covering the findings from their most recent survey of recent fliers. 

Almost half report that they have been unable to see family or friends because of restrictions with more than one-third missing a key moment such as a wedding as a result. 

While needing to take note of the sample being made up of those who have flown recently it is interesting to observe that 87% said that as COVID-19 will not disappear we need to manage the risks while living and travelling normally. 

When asked how long they would wait once the pandemic was controlled before resuming their usual travel habits 19% said they would not wait at all, 38% ‘a month or two’ 29% ‘six months or so’ and the remainder waiting a year or more. 

On vaccinations 81% agreed (somewhat or strongly) that they would be more likely to travel by air once they have been vaccinated, and while most were keen on the idea of being able to use an app to help facilitate providing health data there was a strong insistence that people should be in control of their own data.   

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