Expedia Traveller Value Index 2022 Outlook

A 13-page report detailing findings from a poll of 5,500 adults undertaken in November 2021 in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico the UK and the USA. 

A key finding is that travellers are ranking ‘flex travel’ at the top of their priorities with 83% saying that this is important.  Encouragingly 81% of respondents are planning at least one leisure trip within the next six months.  Perhaps not reflecting the upcoming pressures from the rising cost of living the study suggests that more than half of those quizzed say they intend to spend more on travel in the future than they did prior to the pandemic. 

Around two-in-five indicated that they planned to use loyalty points to help pay for their travels in 2022, with this trend more pronounced among younger rather than older travellers.  

Looking at which markets are the most likely to travel internationally in the next six months the study found residents of the UK to top the table, with 48% planning to do so, ahead of France 46% and Canada 43%. 

There is a risk that the reality may be distinct from the intention, but the survey found that 59% said they are willing to pay more fees to make a trip sustainable.  Perhaps an action that is easier to fulfil is that 43% say they will travel more locally. 

The final section of the report sets out ten actions businesses can take in order to prepare for future demand.