Expedia Traveller Insights Report Q4 2022

A 25-page report detailing Expedia’s analysis of its first-party data and custom research.   

Key findings include that: 

  • 46% of global travellers surveyed said that travel is now more important to them than it was prior to the pandemic 
  • However inflation, fuel prices, geopolitical conflicts may impact the extent to which travel is seen as a priority 
  • An increasing number of city destinations are making it into the topflight of destinations being searched for by potential travellers 
  • The study suggests that 8 in 10 consumers will take at least one trip for leisure in the next twelve months 
  • The majority of searches for international travel are for a travel window of between 0 and 60 days 
  • There are signs that the extent to which travellers are making trips for business is steadily increasing