Expedia Travel Recovery Trend Report Q3 2021

A 21-page report detailing Expedia’s analysis of its first-party data and custom research.  While not all of the optimism expressed three months ago has transformed into higher demand due to renewed spread of coronavirus and persistent travel restrictions the tone remains upbeat.   

Global travel search volumes remained broadly steady in Q3 according to the report, with Europe, Middle East and Africa witnessing the strongest growth.  The majority, 70%, of searches in Q3 were for a 0-30 day travel window, suggesting trips with a short booking lead time remain in the ascendancy.   

Perhaps indicating a growing willingness among consumers to visit ‘crowded’ destinations the past quarter has seen strong growth in searches and bookings for city destinations.  Equally there appears to be a gradual return to business travel with bookings up 110% compared with the equivalent period of 2020. 

The report makes an interesting observation that one-third of all accessibility-related feedback comments from travellers recount a bad experience.